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    Bangladesh will host its first major international Power and Electrical Engineering Exhibition at the prestigious ICCB, Dhaka from 20-22 September 2018. The country is emerging as one of the fastest growing economies in Asia averaging over 6% in the past few years and is projected to reach 7% in 2017, according to the World Bank.

Current installed capacity is 13,179 MW as of February 2017 and the demand for electricity in Bangladesh is projected to reach 34,000 megawatts (MW) by 2030. The Government of Bangladesh has plans to increase power generation beyond expected demand to help propel growth in the export-oriented economy and to meet the demands of a growing middle class. Total investment in the sector over the next 15 years is estimated at $70.5 billion.

The country is experiencing shortfall in supply due to inadequate production and distribution infrastructure. Private power production units are approaching half of total installed capacity. The need for generator set continues to experience strong demand.

Only two-thirds of Bangladesh’s population is currently connected to the electricity grid. This indicates an untapped potential market of up to 60 million people connecting to the national grid in coming years as Bangladesh continues its growth trajectory.

The fuel mix of Bangladesh’s power plants is heavily based on natural gas. The Government of Bangladesh plans to reduce dependence on natural gas and move towards coal with plans to generate 50 percent of total electricity using coal-based power plants by 2030.  Other solutions include importing electricity from neighbouring countries, importing liquefied natural gas (LNG), and expanding use of renewable resources, including solar and wind. U.S. companies play a strong role in the power and energy industry in Bangladesh. U.S. companies produce over 55 percent of Bangladesh’s domestic natural gas supply and are among the largest investors in power projects. U.S.-origin power turbines currently provide 80 percent of Bangladesh’s installed gas-fired power generation capacity..

    Bangladesh has successfully managed to implement a large-scale Solar Home System (SHS) project with over three million SHSs installed nationwide and a targeted installation base of six million by 2015. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has publicly supported the expansion of renewable energy in Bangladesh, targeting 2,000 MW by 2021.  
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